The PiYo Workouts

PiYo ReviewsWhat do the PiYo workouts consist of?

The PiYo exercise regime is a cross between Pilates and Yoga. They have taken the muscle-sculpting, and core-firming benefits of pilates and combined the strength and flexibility of yoga into one great program. Then they bumped it up to high speed so you get a true fat-burning low impact workout.I was able to shed pounds and tone my muscles like never before. I have tried just about every workout there is on the market, and none even came close to touching this one. This workout is an exciting and very challenging exercise program that is intended to use calories and burn fat fast.

This new program works because it keeps you engaged without you losing your enthusiasm. If a program is to intense or I can not follow it I quite. There were no long and intense poses to hold for long periods, you kept moving which keeps it interesting. Every move has been set to the right intensity to increase your results fast. The tapes were easy to follow, and the whole sequence of dynamic and flowing moves have been designed so your body burns the maximum calories. You can feel your muscles stretching and getting that burn that indicates whatever you are doing it’s working. After around the second week I found that I was more flexible than when I started.

I would say that this new PiYo workout is what will finally give me the results I have always wanted from exercising. I have tried a lot of other workouts and never had results like this after only two and a half weeks. I would have no problem with recommending this program to any of my friends. They can already see the difference in me. The best thing for me was no weights and no jumping, I just got hardcore results.

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