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Does PiYo Really Work?

piyo workout reviewI was immediately drawn to try the PiYo workout program, as I have loved using Beachbody empire videos in the past. When I read reviews about the program, it sounded too good to be true. But it really is that good!

I am naturally skinny, but I have absolutely no muscle tone. After only 40 days of following the PiYo regime, I can already see a difference in every part of my body. My arms and legs are tighter, and I’m even beginning to see some evidence of those alleged abs.

Although PiYo makes for intense workout sessions, the results make it entirely worth the effort.

In a nutshell, PiYo is basically a combination of Pilates and yoga, but it also incorporates super intense cardio and strength training. I have trouble doing yoga because, to be honest, I find it boring, but PiYo is anything but boring. It has me constantly moving to an awesome beat.

Personally, I find the music to be one of the best motivators. When I ordered PiYo, I received 3 separate DVD discs with 8 different workouts. The workouts allowed me to pick what area of my body to work on, including my upper body, my lower body, my entire body, and my overall strength. I have done each workout many times and they get keep getting easier and easier to do.

While the workouts are indeed highly intensive, they do not put a lasting stress on my body. What I mean by this is, is that they are very low impact. There are no hard landings or use of any typical weights at all. Even the week I slept wrong on my back and felt aching pain, I was still able to do PiYo. I would definitely recommend these workout routines to basically everybody! PiYo has really made me get my act together and gave me results fast.